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EasyGrocList is a shopping list app integrated with Alexa. The app is also a used as a planner and inventory manager. Each list is generated based on planning and inventory management activity. It is based on our grocery shopping experiences. There are 3 kind of items for our shopping. Some items like Milk are always needed. Some of the items that are always needed are seasonal. Grapes are available from June to December. A second category items are needed only when the inventory runs out or about to run out. An example in our case is salt or sugar. A third category of items are bought randomly or out of the blue. eg chocolate croissants.

Based on these experiences we have created the EasyGrocList App

Ability to create Planner for each store

Planner have 3 main sheets. Always, Replenish and One-time.
Always lists are used to capture items needed every week, along with an option to limit seasonal items to when they are available
Replenish list are for items to be included in the weekly shopping list when the item runs out.
One-time is for random or occasionally needed items.

New lists can be created from the planner lists. They can also be created from scratch.

Ability to clear items from the list once they are put in the shopping cart.

Share with your family and friends the grocery lists. You don't need your personal details like email , phone no etc to share the lists. All you need is the system generated shareId of your friend's EasyGrocList App. The shareId can be found under the ME section of Contacts. Sharing is secured using encryption

EasyGrocList is part of Nshare series of productivity apps and uses the same share Id to share the Items. The other apps are Nsharelist a task and list management app, OpenHouses a decision support tool for real estate investing, AutoSpree a decision support tool for car buying