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Easy To Do Calendar

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Easy To Do Calendar

## Don't you forgetting ToDo ?
## Don't you confusing if I did it or not ?

## This is App you can check if you did it or not by easily looking for circle filled color.
## You can easily click circle to complete ToDo.

## Also, you can see the number of ToDo List at that week by looking at the top right.

• Checking to complete ToDo
• Syncing iPad - iPhone by using iCloud
• Widget
• A lot of Theme color
• Select First day of week.
• Dark mode
• Available to change font size
• Support Korean
• Availabel to save picture in ToDo

# How to modify ToDo ?
- You can press ToDo or swipe left.

## I think this app was built from user mind as much as possible.
## If you send message or leave comment that error , improvement, I will appreciate with you. Thank you
HyunSu Park