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Easy Flight Timer

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Easy Flight Timer

Easy Flight Timer lets you easily track your flight times with just one button. Focus on flying while you are in the cockpit, not on writing flight times. The app works with the iPhone, on your iPad together with your favorite navigation app or - what I like most - with the apple watch. 

Follow those easy steps: 
1. Enter the actual counter (tach/hobbs) of the airplane
2. Press “Block Start“ when ready to taxi for departure
3. Press “Take Off” when taking off
4. Once landed and parked at your final position, enter the new counter (tach/hobbs) of the airplane (flight times are calculated accordingly)
5. Press “Block End” to finish the flight 

Before saving entries to the list, you can easily adjust all times. Easy Flight Timer keeps track of total times and dependencies!

Long press the screen to reset all entries and start over.

The app synchronizes all flight times via iCloud (please make sure you have iCloud enabled for the app).

Set the app to UTC mode via the iPhone preferences or on the last screen on the Apple Watch (this setting is not synchronized between devices).  

I have developed Easy Flight Timer with the European private pilots in mind. In Europe, the airplane counter usually counts the effective air time from take-off to landing. The app automatically calculates the flight time/air time based on the counter entered.

I appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

Keep flying!
Christian Heim