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Easy Egyptian Arabic

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Easy Egyptian Arabic

Easy Egyptian Arabic is a very easy to use Arabic language learning app designed by two passionate native Egyptian translators to make learning basic Arabic spoken in Egypt easy for visitors to Egypt to pick up. Easy Egyptian Arabic contains 1000 words and sentences that anybody who wants to learn basic Arabic for travelling to Egypt needs to know.

Using Easy Egyptian Arabic you will:
1. Learn 1000 words and sentences contained in 14 in-depth topic areas to help you build a broad Arabic vocabulary.
2. Record, play back and compare with the two translators who made the app to improve your speaking skills and fluency.
3. Take challenging quizzes to reinforce your reading and listening skills.
4. Ask any amount of words and sentences to be translated for you by the translators.

Topics Areas:
Essentials, Greetings, Conversation, Getting around, Accommodation, Eating out, Asking directions, Sightseeing, Shopping, Weather, Telling time, Services, Healthcare and Emergencies.

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