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Easy Cooking Timer

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Easy Cooking Timer

Easy Cooking Timer lets you time the items in your meal so that they all finish together. Simply enter the details of the steps and times for the items in your meal and the app will calculate when each step needs to start.

You can start cooking immediately or choose a meal end time. The timers run in the background so you can turn off your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or use other apps while your meal is cooking.

Cooking timer:
• Displays a timer for each step in your meal, showing when the step will start.
• Quickly see when the meal will be ready and when the next step will start.
• Audio and visual alerts warn you when a step needs to be performed.
• Hands-free operation to avoid getting your screen dirty.

Manage your meals:
• Store the details for as many different meals as you want.
• Need to eat by 6pm? View meal times as the time the meal will be ready if you start cooking now.
• Hungry for chicken? Search meals by meal name, item name or both.
• Duplicate meals/items or copy items/steps from other meals to quickly create combinations.

Today widget:
• Quickly see which step starts next and how long until the meal is ready.
• Tap a step to open the main app.

Apple Watch app:
• View cooking timer and notifications.

***** "Perfect for those big complicated meals where everything needs different cooking times or where there are many stages to a dish. I looked at several different apps which claimed to do similar kind of thing, but none had depth of functionality, nor the ease of use and streamlined interface of this one." — littlesquidge, UK.

***** "Best cooking timer I can find, with clear sequential steps throughout the whole process!" — Midamoor, UK.

***** "It does one thing and one thing well and is probably the best 'kitchen' timer on the App Store for cooking." — Orca1910, UK.

***** "Excellent app, very simple to set up and has multiple stages built in. Visually clear and perfect for a big meal like Christmas." — BT2203, Ireland.

If you would like more information please visit where you can read the User Guide and a Tutorial to get a feel for how the app works before you buy.
Geoff Hackworth