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Easy Cooking

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Easy Cook
Easy Cooking
Easy Cooking

Easy Cooking

Easy Cooking Timer shows you when each step in your meal needs to start so that all the items finish together. Enter the details of the steps and times for the items in your meals in the iOS app and start the cooking timer. The iOS app, Today Widget or Watch app can then be used to monitor progress. Or wait for the notifications that alert you each time a step needs to be performed.
Cooking Timer
The Watch app shows a clear list of the steps required for your meal and when they should be performed. Each step has a countdown timer. Color and iconography is used to indicate which step starts next, which start later, which are in progress and which have already completed.
A Quick Glance
The Glance allows you to quickly see which step starts next and at what time. If all the steps have started, it shows when the meal will be ready. A tap will launch the Watch app.
A notification appears when a step is about to start or the meal is ready. Tapping ‘Done’ for a meal ready notification stops the cooking timer on the iPhone.
Geoff Hackworth

Geoff Hackworth develops software for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and now the Apple Watch.