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Easy Car Player

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Easy Car Player

Easy Car Player is a super easy music player for the iPhone. The main purpose is to have a player centered in the use in the car: very few and simple options to start as fast as possible one of your favorite playlists. Not a lot of options, no small typefaces. Only some few playlists selected from your general iTunes (included iTunes music) playlists and ordered as you want. The playlist are played randomly or sequentially depending on your settings.

When playing a song, a very simplified interface is shown: artwork, song title and album, in very big typeface. And for the control: stop / play, previous track and next track big buttons. To return to the playlist selection, touch over the artwork.

In addition, we provide an app for the Apple Watch: you could control all relevant features of Easy Car Player from the watch.

Finally, we have developed and interesting feature when we are in the car: hold that album. You can retain the current playing album when tapping in the artist name (iPhone) or in the "hold" button (Watch). Current album continues playing until you deactivate the option. In that moment player go to the previous selected playlist.


- Easy player with very few distractive elements.
- Select favorite playlists from your iTunes playlists collection.
- Order, reorganize and select favorite playlists from the main screen of the app. Playlist are presented in a very big typeface to easy selection. Selecting a playlist start random playing of that list, immediately, avoiding distractions.
- Control the basic playing elements: stop / play, previous an next song.
- Control all relevant elements from the Apple Watch.
- Hold feature to retain playing current album or turn back to your selected playlist.