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Earthquake Monitor

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Earthquake Monitor

Alert and browse the latest earthquakes around the world based on real-time USGS data.

The alerts are configurable based on an earthquake's magnitude and distance from your current location. You can mute earthquakes that happen in the middle of the ocean. There are additional toggles so you can override your location filtering settings for all magnitude 6+, magnitude 5+, or possible tsunami-producing earthquakes.

In the table view, can view and filter by distance, magnitude, and time all earthquakes that have occurred in the past 24 hours or 30 days. There is a magnitude slider to filter the earthquakes neatly. Tap any earthquake to see which cities are closest to the epicenter.

An Apple Watch app with advanced notifications is also included. The app displays the most recent magnitude 3 or above earthquake that has occurred in the past 24 hours worldwide. The advanced notifications show the epicenter of an earthquake on a map together with the standard alert text.

A reliable earthquake location, magnitude, and depth are usually alerted within 3-5 minutes for continental USA earthquakes, and within 30 minutes for worldwide earthquakes.

This app also includes a real-time embedded Twitter stream of quality earthquake news sources.
David Gross