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Pomodoro Technique is a time management method founded by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s. This method uses a timer to segment a typical 25 minute working time and a 5 minute rest time, which are called pomodoros, the Italian word pomodoro (Chinese: tomato).

Tomato Clock is a minimalist tomato clock app developed based on the "Tomato Working Method". By using the tomato clock app, you can
1. Improve the quality and efficiency of your time utilization, and work and do things efficiently and with high quality.
2. Cultivate self-discipline and learn self-discipline. Having more self-discipline in learning, working, meditating, thinking, exercising, and so on has greatly improved in various aspects
3. Improve procrastination, get rid of it, and use your time more efficiently

The Tomato Clock APP is designed and developed following the principle of simplicity and ease of use. The entire app is generally minimalist and exquisite, without excessive or complex decorations, and all functions are just right. There are not too many functions that allow you to focus more on tomato timing
Tomato Clock is an app that focuses on the 25 minute working method
The tomato clock has multiple labels and can be customized, allowing you to label and mark your tomato clock every time
Tomato clock supports 5-180 minute custom settings to meet your various needs
Tomato clock with various uninterrupted white noise for a long time allows you to focus more
The Tomato Clock will record your every focus and display it in various ways (day, week, month, year) in the form of graphics and icons, allowing you to better understand your focus.
Tomato clock timing, strict mode, multiple clock styles, and other functions are under development. Stay tuned

##Our Purpose
1. Improve your learning or work efficiency
2. Improve your procrastination and help you become more efficient
3. Help you be more disciplined
4. Help you get rid of phone controls and free up more time to do meaningful things

The key to tomato working methods is planning, tracking, recording, processing, and visualization. You can complete all the tomato workflow processes in this app, and view records at any time to summarize and improve.

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