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!!! Bitauto Autoprice is the best solution for finding the right car or dealer, no matter where you are!!!

!!! TOP3 in Free app Chart; TOP1 in Utilities Category !!!

!!! 20,000,000 Users; 50,000 Good Reviews!!!

Bitauto Autoprice, which is professional app from Bitauto Corporation, covers more than 2,000 dealerships of 354 cities in China; includes 9,000 vehicles; updates 100,000 price information every day.

How to buy, which is the cheapest?
【Auto Quote】Collect the most new and authority quote from dealers.
【Price Reference】Provide the reference price based on the actual purchasing price of User.
【Deal Rank】Get the lower\deals\ sales price information at the local place
【Ask base price】Receive the message of real base price from the dealer in one second
【Call Consult】Call the dealer to debate the price directly

But I am a rookie, How to choose a car?
【Best Selling】You can find what kinds of car sell good in the Best selling list
【Selected Tools】 “New user choosing” is designed for the Rookie, you also can select vehicles through various conditions, like price, class, nationality, displacement…
【New Attention】 You can focus on the latest and timely information of cars

I have several choices; I need to compare which is the best?
【Shopping Guide】Provided pictures, videos, forum, evaluating, information, etc
【Model VS】Compare various parameters and differences of different cars

WOW, there are practical tools and various activities!
【Plate Lottery】Inquire about the result of the license-plate lottery in Beijing, Guangzhou
【Auto Compute】Computing the total prices of a vehicle included all the taxes quickly.
【Funny Activity】Hold various activities with awards, waiting for you to get gifts.

Fond of cars, want to buy one, Bitauto Autoprice is your top choice.
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