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[Product Introduction]

Lemonlet Water Tracker, a simple and cute water reminder software, is a good helper for everyone to drink water healthily. It provides you with considerate water drinking reminders and water drinking records, and also has functions such as historical data statistics, presentation and retention of water drinking, so as to help you master the daily water drinking rules and ensure your health.

[Product Features]

* Water Drinking Reminder - Remind on time for every drinking water without missing. You can define the time, sound, text, etc. to make drinking water interesting.

* Water Drinking Record - Accurately record the water drinking data without losing it. We carefully save all the data to ensure that your water drinking data is accurate.

* Trend Statistics - Don't worry about observing the daily water drinking trend. We provide some presentation methods: calendar, trend chart and list, to help you make the most effective water drinking plan and display your water drinking records.

* Warm and cute - After using it, you will know that this is a lovely app for drinking water record reminder.

[Reasons for drinking water]

Water is very important to the human body. It can participate in life movement, eliminate harmful toxins, help metabolism, maintain aerobic respiration, etc.

* Help digestion: The food we eat, after being chewed by teeth and moistened by saliva, goes through the digestion process from the esophagus to the stomach and intestines, completes digestion and is absorbed. These links require the participation of water to accelerate the dissolution of nutrients by body fluids.

* Excrete waste: The residual waste left after the nutrients of food are digested and absorbed must be excreted from the body through sweating, breathing and excretion. These different excretion methods all require the help of water to achieve.

* Lubricate joints: Lubricants are needed between human joints to avoid damaging friction between bones, and water is the main source of joint lubricants.

* Balance body temperature: When the ambient temperature is lower than body temperature, in order to maintain body temperature and ensure normal physiological activities, the water in the body will be retained in the body due to the reduction of evaporation due to the shrinking pores; when the ambient temperature is higher than body temperature, the water will be excreted from the body through the expanded capillary breathing holes to lower the body temperature. The body ensures its survival function through the flow of water.

* Maintain cells: Water can promote cell metabolism, maintain the normal shape of cells; keep the skin moist and elastic.

* Balance blood: Water can improve the circulation of blood and tissue fluid, and help balance the viscosity and pH of blood.

[Water requirement]

* Adults consume about 2500ml of water per day, and get about 1000ml from food, so they need to drink about 1500ml of water every day.

* There is also a saying that eight glasses of water a day, these 8 glasses of water cover the time from getting up in the morning to before going to bed at night, to ensure that the human body has enough water intake.

[Types of drinks that the App has provided or will provide]

* Common drinks: plain water / milk / coffee / milk tea / tea.

* Fruit and vegetable drinks: apple juice / orange juice / mango juice / lemon juice / tomato juice.

* Protein drinks: yogurt / soy milk / walnut juice / peanut juice / almond juice.

* Carbonated drinks: cola / soda water, etc.

So, for your health, don't forget to drink water. Go and download this water drinking app, drink water together, insist on drinking water, and eventually become a water lover!

* This App has been connected to HealthKit, and the water drinking data can be synchronized to "Health".
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