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Yixin new release of 8.0 version
Focus more on the social sharing experience among Chinese culture enthusiasts;
purifying the communication between users.

Chinese custom culture aggregated in Talkbar
Neither a creator nor watchman could not miss the highly vertically-assembled premium contents of Chinese customs.
In Talkbar section, more bars about Chinese customs, ancient customs as well as Chinese traditional culture will establish a pure sharing zone for the enthusiasts, making it feasible to record daily about Chinese customs or anything with sense of ritual. Excellent content sharers could be qualified as talents, performing knowledgeable demeanor to all the users as KOL of Yixin.

More the casual chatting
All communication IM functions available, stable and powerful;
one-click group building function for Talkbar members available, and more elegant social eggs in prospect.
Private chat with graphics, voice and video, group and multi-user voice chat functions sustain, featured with functions of sharing music, burn after reading and location sharing. Additional interesting red envelops with tasks able to unlock interaction anytime.

Starcoin Mall
Still a paradise of welfares.
Starcoins obtained could not only be used to exchange cash, peripherals and coupons, but also to reward the posts you like. Of course, your posts could also be rewarded with starcoins from other users.

Elegant ancient style UI update
As if in the mountains but still experiencing the lively civic life.
All encounters in the world are greetings after a long separation.
Wechat official account: Yixin
Weibo: Yixin
Official website: