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斗地主经典版-Landlord vs Farmers

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斗地主经典版-Landlord vs Farmers

Classic Fight the Landlord game, now upgraded to a whole new version!
Single-player Fight the Landlord, robust AI won't let your team down!
Real people battles, seasonal challenges to win big prizes!
All game modes collection, a variety of gameplay for you to choose!
Free friends' zone, casual games with buddies!

The most enjoyable single-player Fight the Landlord game, newly upgraded for an enhanced gaming experience!
Over 50 million Fight the Landlord enthusiasts' choice! Trustworthy!

New No-Shuffle mode: non-stop bombs, score multipliers soar
Wild Card Mode: Exciting and thrilling play with 'Heaven and Earth' wild cards
Endgame Challenges: Numerous levels with abundant rewards
Perfect Single-player: No need for internet, doesn’t consume data
Smart Computer: Fully upgraded AI

--- Perfect Single-player: No need for internet, doesn’t consume data. No more worries about running out of data, play without internet
--- No-Shuffle Mode: New No-Shuffle mode, lots of bombs, enjoy double the fun, constant excitement!
--- Wild Card Mode: New 'Heaven and Earth' wild card mode added, exciting, thrilling high multiplier, waiting for you to challenge
--- Endgame Challenges: New endgame challenges, lots of exciting endgames, constantly updated, ultimate brain challenge!
--- Smart Computer: Fully upgraded AI. No need to worry about weak opponents or teammates
--- Completely free: Playable without gold, no need to buy points. Play anytime, can play even with negative scores.
--- Special props: Addition of card memory aids, lucky card selection and other props. Help you better control the game, score more points.
--- Free gold: No need to pay for gold, win and get, lose and don’t deduct. Various ways to get free gold.

No data consumption, no spending required. Classic gameplay remains, a game full of sincerity and conscience!
Everyone's favorite Fight the Landlord game, the most popular single-player version, come download now!
Shenyang Zongyi Technology Co., Ltd