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小睡眠-白噪音冥想助眠 梦话睡眠记录

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小睡眠-白噪音冥想助眠 梦话睡眠记录

CoSleep: New Concept App for Healthy Sleep, serving over 50 million people.
Featured as Apple Editors ’Choice, Apple New App Selection, Apple Top App, Apple Today’s Selection.

Everyone who loves life, deserves to have a good sleep. Come use our CoSleep App. CoSleep App provides various options such as sleep music, development of sleeping routine, bedtime reminders, sleep tracking, gentle wakeups, and midday nap settings.With our richful, thorough, and heartful sleep service, we are hoping to help you have better and more restful sleep, and further to increase your awareness to your own sleep quality, and the importance of sleep in your life.
On the top of the sleep management feature, CoSleep can be a wonderful assistant to increase the efficiency of your work, study, and other life tasks, as well as an always-on companion for meditating, reading, and brainstorming ideas.

We hope to achieve the following results with you:
[Fast Falling asleep] Hundreds of originally designed White Noise, ASMR, Magical Brainwave Music, offered at no cost from our own huge database of professional sleep music.
[Restful sleep] Sleep experts offer professional tips, such as breathing methods, meditation practices, goodnight song with counting sheep, and various gentle songs to accompany your sleep.
[Healthy Sleep Habits]: Introducing the development of a 45-minute routine before bedtime, bedtime reminders, sleeping pattern analysis, and sleeping tracking.
[Gentle Wake-ups] Our unique scientifically designed alarm rings for pain-free wakeups, as well as flexible settings for various napping needs.

We invite you to try CoSleep if you are:
-Someone who have mild to moderate sleeping problems (trouble falling asleep, frequent wake-ups, too much dreaming, nightmares, and light sleep)
- Someone who have sleeping problems due to anxiety and stress
- Someone who have sleeping problems as a result of travel, business trips, out of country trips and other sudden changes of physical environment.
- Someone who have sleeping problems due to noise environment such as group homes, houses facing main road (dorms of students, factory workers, etc.)
- Babies who cry often, as well as their parents who need to take care of the babies.

Music Pass and Member subscription service and continuous monthly subscription instructions:
- Continuous monthly(quarterly/annually)Music Pass: 8RMB(24RMB/88RMB)
- One-month(Six-month/Twelve-month) Music Pass: 12RMB(68RMB/118RMB)
- Continuous monthly member: 24RMB
- One-month(Three-month/Six-month/Twelve-month ) member: 30RMB(88RMB/158RMB/268RMB )

CoSleep special support:
- Support iOS widget
- Support iOS App Clip
- Support for access to Apple Watch
- Widget module and 3D Touch function have been added
- Support SiRi Shortcut
- Connected to HealthKit,Support for writing sleep data to Health app

This APP provides services, which include but not limited to, sleep data monitoring, sleep reports, treatment recommendations or other suggestions. They are for reference only and do not represent any final conclusion. If you need to make a medical decision during the process of using this APP, please do seek the advice from a professional treatment agency and doctor first.

Other rules:
- Payment: The payment is deducted from the user's iTunes account, and payment is made upon confirmation of purchase
- Renew: If the auto-renew function is not cancelled at least 24 hours before the billing period expires, it will be automatically renewed and debited.
- Continuous monthly subscription cancellation instructions: Apple phones are on iOS devices ”setting up” - “iTunes Store and App Store” - Choose “Apple ID” - Click “check Apple ID” - Click "subscribe" on the account Settings page - Cancel Subscription
- Privacy policy:
-Member subscription service and Continuous monthly agreement:

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