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- Have you ever wondered how much water should one drink in a day?
- Have your ever felt thirsty even after you have drunk a lot of water?
- Have you ever be worried about drinking so much water that you will have to go to toilet many times after you have went to bed?

「好好喝水」have answers to these questions:
- In average speaking, one regular adult should drink eight cups of water a day, at least 200ml a cup
- You may not drink enough by day
- You should drink less water within 2 hours before your bed time

== Features ==
- Record your drinks in only 2 taps
- Having fun with the achievements
- All sorts of statistics you may be interesting in
- Different types of alarms that remind you to stay hydrate

== Customization ==
- Customize your daily water goal
- Don’t know how much you need to drink? We can calculate the goal for you
- Powerful automatic alarm, yoru are just one switch away from staying hydrate

== Always Improving ==
- Visualize your progress in history view
- Visualize our upcoming features in plan view

== System Support ==
- Support data sync with Apple Health
- Support multiple desktop widgets
- Support data sync with iCloud
- Support Apple Watch

Having problems about the usage of our apps? Or willing to summit a feature request?
Feel free to contact us from our app Setting → Feedback or just drop us an email: [email protected]
Yiran Li