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Care about the weather, care more about you!
1. More than 10,000,000+ users trust the weather app!
2. Comprehensive and accurate weather app!
3. Received free weather and weather forecast applications that users of major websites and markets like for many times in a row!

【Product introduction】
It contains weather information of 25,000 cities around the world, using data from a number of meteorological agencies, accurate and comprehensive weather forecast information, 24-hour forecast, and weather forecast for the next fifteen days. It also provides richer, more accurate and comprehensive weather information such as somatosensory temperature, wind speed, humidity, sunrise and sunset! It is an indispensable weather forecast app for your daily life and travel!

Feature 1: Less consumption! Use less power! Take up less memory!
Feature 2: Rich weather information! accurate! comprehensive!
Feature 3: Exquisite weather animation, rain, thunder, lightning animation is beautiful!
Feature 4: Weather forecast for the next 24 hours, weather for the week, weather forecast for ten days, wind index, etc.
Feature 5: Includes global 25000+ city weather forecast information! Make sure you know the weather status in real time and make reasonable arrangements for travel plans!
【Subscribe service description】
1. Pro Features(Monthly)
--Subscription period: 1 Month
--Subscription price: $3.99/Month

2. Pro Features (Year)
--Subscription period: 1 Year
--Subscription price: $35.99/Year

3. Other rules
-- Payment: The user's iTunes account is debited, and the user confirms the payment after purchase.
-- Renewal: Apple's iTunes account will be charged within 24 hours before expiration. After the deduction is successful, the subscription period will be extended by 1 subscription period.
-- Cancel renewal: To cancel the renewal, please operate at least 24 hours before the current deduction period. How to do it: Go to [Settings] from the Home page —> Click [iTunes Store & App Store] —> Click [Apple ID] ], select [View Apple ID] -> [Account Settings] -> Click [Subscribe], select the vinyl VIP continuous monthly subscription or music package for consecutive subscriptions to cancel the subscription.
-- Subscription service description:
-- User Privacy Agreement:
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