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This is a unique learning application, which includes the knowledge of the celestial stems and earthly branches, the five elements, and the derivatives of the five elements, the twenty-four solar terms, the twelve rhythms, the twelve hours, and the twelve meridians.
Explain and summarize various derivative entries on the basis of traditional Chinese mathematical knowledge, so that you can learn and memorize traditional Chinese culture more vividly.

After iOS 15, there are customized desktop widgets to facilitate viewing the current time and lunar year on the mobile desktop
After iOS 16, there are customized lock screen widgets to facilitate the mobile desktop to view the current time and lunar year

common problem:

- After the application is upgraded, the components are all black, you can click to enter the application to solve it
- AppleWatch may need to enter the AppleWatch component configuration interface to re-add after each application upgrade
翔宇 孙