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If, as shown signs of life, the encounter is always so beautiful. Gave birth to three months, "Dora" long overdue.

"Dora" is a fitness, weight loss, exercise for the core app. Cover tool records, community, neighborhood LBS, sports. Dora to become your most intimate, the most fun fitness weight loss aide. We aim to make your side health indicators more "Dora."

1. Record your weight daily living, dining

When you record your weight, the more attractive to analyze your current healthy weight, BMI. Intelligence, in the form of monthly reports, graphic analysis of the data in front of you. Support healthkit (health center) in real-time control of your health status. Record daily meals, we have been pursuing a healthy diet. Cloud Sync.

2. Record your sport

When you exercise. Dora the accurate recording your exercise data. Running, walking, cycling. Speed, mileage, exercise length, number of steps, calories burned, track, around them. And summarize all your sport mileage. Cloud Sync.

3. Multiple interest groups to join

Dora is composed of dynamic community interest groups. You can easily find people with similar interests you. Weight loss, slimming, clubs, Freaky help, art Xuan, found the tribe, city, and so learn from their experiences and share knowledge. Friends, interactive, self-achievement. Photo sharing social. Barrage comment let interest Meng turned. LBS help you discover the beauty around.

4 apple watch fashion, convenient, healthy track

Dora support apple watch. Open Dora watch app you will keep track of your current weight. Movement will synchronize your watch real-time motion data. Of course, you can also control the start and end of the movement.

Our own health applications integrated apple. health kit. When you first enter the weight when the pull authorization, consent, your data will be synchronized to the apple health applications.

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