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Where GPS can help you quickly find the location information of your family, partner and friends, and ensure the safety of your family members. It allows you to know where the other person is, anywhere, and never ask "where?" Free from your concerns.

Where can you help you use:
-There is no limit to view the location information of friends and family on the map in real time.
-Check the past itinerary of friends and family on the map at any time, manage your children's itinerary conveniently and grasp the whereabouts at any time.
-When your friends or family come home, school or any location you set up, receive real-time intelligent notifications to protect your child's safety.
-Learn about the battery power of friends and family members. When the battery power of the mobile phone is less than 10%, GPS will send the other party low-power reminder automatically. You can remind your friends or family to charge the phone in time.
-GPS positioner for stolen or lost mobile phone, help you find mobile phone quickly.
-If you can't find a family or friend, get the location information of each other quickly, and you don't need to disturb them by phone or SMS.

-----Suggestions for use-------
To automatically remind friends or family members to leave or arrive at a place, create locations first and your phone will receive push notifications automatically when they enter or leave these areas.

------Warm tips-------
Permanent location access needs to be opened:
-Locate friends or family members, and see each other's location information at any time in the circle, and permanent access is required, otherwise the information will not be accurate or failed to obtain.
-If you do not want to be positioned, you can turn off in settings, but in order to ensure the accuracy of the location, we recommend that you open permanent access.
-Battery use Disclaimer: continuing to use GPS in the background will significantly reduce battery usage time, and we will do our best to continue to optimize.

Where GPS is a membership product, member ordering method:
-Monthly member: 128 yuan / month
-Quarterly member: 258 yuan / quarter
-Half year member: 358 yuan / half year

-Subscription method: including 7 days free trial period. After the probation period, the paid package will be renewed automatically
-Payment: the user confirms the purchase and pays and then records it to iTunes account.
-Users can manage the subscription and automatic update of users through the account settings of users.
-Cancel renewal: to cancel the renewal, manually turn off the renewal feature in itunes/apple ID settings management within 24 hours before the current subscription period expires.
-Renewal: the member's own recharge account or Apple iTunes account will be charged within 24 hours before the expiration date. After the deduction is successful, the subscription cycle will be extended by one subscription period.

-Privacy Policy:
-Continuous monthly service agreement:
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