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The 9.0 version of qianniu was released in 2021, and every one can open shop on taobao for free. Qianniu is Taobao&Tmall merchants' workbench, millions of merchants are using it. More official tools are waiting for you to experience.

[New workbench]
● On the workbench, pull down to view the data of your shop, and you can long press the number to rerank
● Many official tools were added, and open use for free. e.g. product management, order management, reviews management, join the sales-promotion, coupons management...

[More Official Tools]
The new version of Qianniu APP adds some official capabilities:
1. Product management
● Support publishing products with photo, and intelligent matting the products' picture
● Select pictures to publish products from your picture cloud storage, connect with your PC & mobile phone
● Save the draft at any time when publishing, not afraid of misoperation
● Publishing with the similar specifications, quickly set multiple specifications' price and inventory, batch off and off, greatly improve the efficiency of products' management
● Copy the web link of product, share the product with your contact, can meet your promotion needs
2. Order management
● Support remarks, price change, close with the waiting for paid orders
● To be shipped orders support scan code delivery, change the address, for multiple SKU orders, but also support to split multiple parcels delivery, modify the logistics number
● After sales orders can be agreed or rejected on the mobile terminal, but also extend the time to receive goods, apply for customer service intervention, view the history of negotiation
3. Reviews management
● View credit score/rating, DSR, and the statistics of reviews
● Review the buyer, or reply to the buyer's review, but also support batch operation
4. New customer service message and system message
● Automatic association of shortcut phrases when input, improve reception efficiency
● Long press the message session to add a star to mark important customers
● Integrated four system message classification
5. More marketing tools
● The official coupon tool is free to use, and supports the management of store vouchers and commodity vouchers
● Filter the activities that you meet the requiremens of the sales promotion, and you can directly sign up from from qianniu app, and offer goods with it
● Integration of multi-channel marketing play, set free station flow, efficient promotion, customer conversion in one of the marketing ability set page. Added one-click sharing ability to help merchants efficiently obtain off-site traffic
6. New QianniuToutiao 2.0
● The headline channel is greatly revamped, upgraded to 4 channel: latest, Q&A, courses, live
● Information to help you to stay up-to-date on the platform's news and events
● The live course can enhance your business ability
7. Imporve the experienct of login and sub-account management
● Support to identify the phone number of one key login, scan face login
● Support to create, manage sub-accounts, set post permissions

[We listen to your feedback]
1. You can directly call taobao customer service hotline: 0571-88157858 (manual service time: 9:00-21:00) for all kinds of rules and business problems in store operation.
2. If you need to feedback the function problems of Qianniu APP product, please open the "Qianniu sidebar → Feedback", select the correct feedback object, upload the screenshot of the problem, describe the specific problem, or add the Dingtalk group "34996305" to feedback the problems of Qianniu APP, and learn the latest changes