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With this app, body weight daily, body fat percentage, calorie intake,
amount of exercise, the amount of nutrition intake, You can graphed
and recorded. And allows you to manage the overall them.

I rebuild this App for iOS10/WatchOS3 API.

Lack of calcium and consumes too much salt, lack of vegetables,
such as carbohydrates excessive worries in everyday meal, However,
You do not know that can take the amount of how much every day.

We will answer to this app such question to say.

Been distracted by the only calories, so that it does not become
unbalanced diet habit, this app nutrition situation Let's ensure.

Effect of continuing the nutritional management calorie management, exercise and management, the number of medical examination and
periodic weight You can in to check.

Nutrition component of target:
Substantial amount of salt, calcium, protein, cholesterol,
vegetables, carbohydrates, lipids, water content.

Feature List

1. Management of food intake (registration and deletion)
2. Food-intake registration from registration history
3. Calorie intake and nutrition calculation
4. Management of food (registration and deletion)
5. Management of food group (registration and deletion)
6. Internet search of Food and Nutrition
7. Management of time and movement (registration and deletion)
8. Calories calculation of movement
9. Recording body weight, body fat percentage
10. Transition graph display body weight, body fat percentage, calories, nutritional
11. 7-day moving average line of the graph display
12. Set target weight, the target calorie intake
13. Targets management functions
14. movement type editing function
15. Backing up and restoring data

*You must continue to add food on occasion.
Calorie of food and nutrition component, you can do research
on the Internet search.
If you can register food table for yourself, You will be able
to calorie and nutrition calculated surprisingly easy.

*Calorie intake, calories, nutrition component amount is the value of the approximate