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ホラースポット-ghost spot-意味が分かると怖いマップ

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ホラースポット-ghost spot-意味が分かると怖いマップ

The truth is ... place where you live, there may be something wrong property is.
Recently, things bad luck, or not happening in quick succession?
Really long time ago, in your living in the neighborhood, it might have had an incident or accident.
You do not have a place like spine-chilling?
Only you do not know, in the world, a lot of incidents and problems, I think you have going on every day.
I like that yourself do not know, become secretly care, If you look, but later becomes unpleasant - feelings
Not help but look into, the familiar and happened incident and property
We have as searchable hunger-Ru, such feelings

App searchable the world do not know you
Now - with this app, you try a little taste of the time slip mood

◎ to the information shared by users like each other is the concept of the app.
Let share information and immediately registered if there is a place that I think that it is this

[Iwakutsuki property, accident site search function and haunted pin function]
◇ MAP GPS function of
From the location using the map are of their own, incidents and property of the places where there was a problem, you can examine the route to go up there.
Navigation functions will be to the mystery spot to map guide without hesitation because they equipped!
Is whether to open the door to fear up to you, there is a meeting with unquenchable curiosity in the mysterious experience be (sweat)
There might be the site was of violent incidents Maybe.

◇ accident Property-incident details
When you tap the "ghost pin" on the map, the date and time that the incident or accident happened, such as the location and building information, the information you want to know, you can easily and easily examine it.
For more information or urban legend of the? Or the voice of the tell the truth. . What is written here is google it will not be recommended.
It may be "search and do not find the word." Please caution to browse if you're interested!
Since the information called haunted places have been posted, or liver to try and drive if is seen scary things can not be suppressed How in the temple?
Please look for because there rarely is also what appears to be "there? It would interesting story w".

◇ new information added and information exchange
Tap the post mark, move the cursor to the problem site you want to enter on the MAP, tap the Enter button.
Then, on your own, the "ghost pin" you enter a new issue information, you can add the accident property by a new birth.
Or it did not have the seven wonders in the school that your through was? A friend that did not come back on in that tunnel?
※※ to be sluts to birth a new "ghost pin" in mischief heart Let's not absolutely. Unexpected curse or misfortune might strike you (crying) ※※

◇ search for that site to be worried about
When you tap the "magnifying glass mark" on the screen, search list of items on the MAP is displayed, more finely, incidents and accidents that occurred in around us, you can search.
Your lives are in the house. . Do not you stuck is perhaps "haunted pin"?
Next to the apartment, opposite the apartment, how do? Its property, okay not really re-selection of moving plans?
Property that has been introduced in real estate will be recommended first that the first to try to investigate whether the accident property in this app.
Real estate is concealed that fact, because it might result in the secret. .

◇ update and edit information
If you already have information of "ghost pin" you are born is old, the new information you have, you can be rewritten.
Urban legend teller that all users like with editing privileges. And is Kataribe!

◇ real-time information confirmed in the comments function
The only scary story stubbornly still urban legend level is just more information.
Actually better voice or of that preview the accident property, I think there is no story with believable as the actual voice of the person who went to the test of courage?