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It is at the top of the app SimplePocketMoneyLite.
Simple pocket money book Lite is to stop the development Please use the Simple PocketMoney2.

It is a simple book allowance. "Easy to understand," "can be entered easily," I'm aiming.

The main features are as follows.
・Manage income and expenditure
・Title Manage
・Graph (line graph, pie chart)
・Favorites function
・Color settingsz
・password setting
・Data maintenance functions
・Advanced Search

[How to use]

□ home
You can record an allowance.
Type of allowance will be automatically registered in the database.
Type selection screen is possible to remove a type no longer needed
To remove the allowance, the allowance right swipe to delete.
You can choose to display when you tap the title years
You can go to the Advanced Search screen, select the years.

Line graph(Transition,Total), pie chart is displayed.
From the Edit button, you can choose to display.
Graphs can be found in what remains of the Advanced Search.

Register edit or delete your favorites.
Register for pocket money and right flick on the list of favorite.

Sets the color scheme.
Set the (tag) large classification.
Save / restore of data, can be deleted.
Set a password, or delete.
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