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Dvn8™ (div•in•ate) verb: to seek your inner truth.

Dvn8 does tarot differently. Apps that use random number generators or AI can feel cold and detached. Instead, Dvn8 uses a proprietary algorithm called Gyr8™ that senses your energy for real, ultra-personalized readings!

Our unique technology allows you to connect to your intuition and find the answers within. And all of our decks and descriptions are hand-crafted.

We’ve reimagined archaic texts so that you can easily relate and focus on your truth. Our updated interpretations contain inclusive, gender-neutral language throughout with an additional non-binary option for tarot. You can even go beyond tarot with I Ching and runes (Dvn8 Pro only).

Keep track of your progress with a private journal and advanced search filtering in our free version. Or take your divination practice to the next level with smart tools, educational articles, and more with the Dvn8 Pro upgrade. Dvn8 Pro offers extensive customizations to make your readings uniquely you.

Dvn8 Pro gives you unlimited access to all app features. Study individual card meanings, prep your space with Ritual Tools, or choose individualized color schemes. Map your future with Vision Boards or sync up with Moon Phases all in one app!

And because we’re committed to privacy, you never have to worry about being tracked. Dvn8 doesn’t collect user content or any data that’s linked to your identity — our app is solely funded by your in-app purchases. We’re a two-person team, not a big tech company. Your support allows us to continue developing and improving our products!

Dvn8’s standard Free version contains:
- Unlimited readings
- Access to 1- and 3-card spreads
- Full 78 card tarot deck
- Freeform journal for each reading
- Access to your three most recent readings
- Advanced search feature
- 2 Library articles
- Notifications for Moon Phases and Daily Oracle
- Personal Profile photo
- Social media sharing feature
- Non-binary tarot option
- Shortcuts such as “Hey Siri, show me this week’s top Dvn8 cards!”
- No ads or tracking

Dvn8 Pro upgrade contains everything in the free version, as well as:
- Access to all your past readings
- Access to additional 5- and 10-card spreads
- Full 64 hexagram I Ching
- Full 25 rune divination deck
- Advanced tarot options including reversals, Major Arcana only, and clarifiers
- Advanced I Ching options including changing lines
- Advanced rune options including reversals
- Advanced Gyr8 energy views
- Ability to input Physical Readings for all oracles
- Custom Tags and Guidance
- Advanced hermetic data for tarot readings including astrological, planetary, elemental, and numerological associations
- Advanced Moon Phases data including upcoming events and astrological associations
- Aspirational Vision Boards tool
- Educational Library articles on divination
- Data Dashboard tool with elemental breakdown and most frequent cards
- Ability to view all oracles and cards to learn meanings on your schedule
- AppleWatch integration
- Intuitive Impact rating system
- Past readings on Home and Lock Screen Widgets
- Integration with Right Alignment’s other product(s) including mindfulness app PebbleZ
- No ads or tracking (really!)

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