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Dumbbell Workouts Fitness App

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Dumbbell Workouts Fitness App

Are you looking for ways to lose weight and build muscle? Are you lazy to go to a gym? Don’t worry! We have the perfect workout solution for you. You can lose weight and gain overall body fitness with the dumbbell workouts at home app.

Daily workout plan

The dumbbell exercises at home app have several workout plans to work on in your home gym. You can select your weight loss plan according to your needs and goals. The personalized workout plans help you challenge yourself to achieve your desired body weight.

Dumbbell workout for beginners

All workouts in the home dumbbell workout app are friendly for beginners and work as a personal trainer. The training received ranges from arm exercises to a whole body dumbbell workout. These workouts are beneficial to lose weight and maintain overall fitness.

Exercises for the arm and whole body

The dumbbell exercises app has several workouts for muscle growth and weight loss. There are exercises for men, women, beginners, and pros. The exercise for men and women helps in training the biceps, tricep, chest, abs, shoulder, and arm without going to the gym. The arm workout with dumbbells helps you shape your entire arm resulting in fat loss which is a common problem for several women.

30 days free workout planner and other features
The dumbbell workouts app for fitness and to lose weight have a 30 days free workout plan for all its users. The 30 days free plan is a trainer for achieving your fitness and bodybuilding goals. The app has HIIT exercise plans, strength training, weightlift challenge, and even no-equipment exercise for weight loss in your arm and whole body. The app also helps you log your weight loss and muscle growth progress for motivation.

At the end of each session, you can also see how many times you have used the app that day and track daily calories burned in the healthkit.

The dumbbell workout and fitness app is a personal gym trainer for your home workout session to build muscle and lose weight, Download the app now and lose those extra pounds and get fit!

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