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Duly is the app you need to have a quick overview of how long it takes you to your hotspots from your current location, no matter you are using your car, public transit or bike. Just add your hotspot to the overview in simple steps. Duly even reminds you, when you have to leave, if activated

- Add your hotspots with the easy autocompletion address search und choose your personal name
- or just choose the location of your hotspot by tapping on the map
- have a neat overview of your hotspots and the destination and arrival time depending on your current location
- choose dynamically your transit type by either touching the bike, car or public transit icon
- adjust the departure time for each hotspot individually, if you have to leave at a later time
- get reminded in time for your departure, when activating the alarm by pressing the circle

Soon coming with more features and a Apple Watch app
Alexander Deutsch