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Dude! Where's my Tesla?

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Dude! Where's my Tesla?

Ever had that feeling of Dude! Where's my Tesla? Fear not, we're here to help! With this app, you'll be able to see a live updating compass, pointing you in the direction of your car and showing how far away it is.

Once you get near, you can have the car honk the horn or flash the headlights, to make it even easier to locate.

And finally, when you're happily reunited with your beloved vehicle, you can unlock it and pop the trunks with just a few taps.

Runs on the Apple Watch too! So you can go all Inspector Gadget like and locate your car - though you'll have to supply your own sound effects.

Optionally on iOS and iPadOS, you can enable a full live updating map as background to make it even easier - and of course your current location will be held front and center while the view automatically zooms ind and out to show both you and your vehicle!

Oh, and when the bell rings and it's time to leave work and all you brought was your 12" iPad Pro? Whip that bad boy out! You can use that too!

A note about security and privacy:
This app accepts two types of login. Either Tesla account credentials or a Tesla API token. Your account credentials are not stored in the app, but are used only once to obtain an authentication token and refresh token directly from the Tesla API server. If you would rather supply that token yourself, you can do so instead. It is preferable to supply a refresh token, as the app will then have a perpetual login. Your token will be persisted in the app. Tokens will be revoked if you change your Tesla account password. No network traffic will ever be emitted from this app that goes anywhere other than directly to the Tesla API servers. The source code for this application will at all times be made available to any security researcher for a voluntary security and safety audit.

This app is not endorsed by Tesla Inc. Use at your own risk. No guarantee of proper function is given. Only you are responsible for any changes to your car caused by using this app.

Made in Denmark
Kim Hansen