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Have you ever felt so anxious about leaving your children or elderly relatives at home without any supervision? Will they be safe? And have you ever been worried leaving communication devices at home with your children? The probability of possible scenarios usually continues to trouble you throughout the day until you reach home to see them safe and sound and make sure no inappropriate application have been visited. Or what would you do when wondering where your children are when they are not around?

Worry no more with dtac Family Care application that brings smart and reliable surveillance solution in the palm of your hand. With Parental Controls feature, you can simply monitor activities in your children’s smart phone and set appropriate restrictions without having to worry about any misuse of Internet contents and technology.
Even more, this service will automatically send a notification to you when specific incidents occur in controlled areas; for example, when a child leaves school or arrives home. This application also informs you where your family is located in real time with family location feature.

Main Features
• Parental Controls – Control by rating what apps can be used. Restrict App Store and in-app purchase usage.
• Family Location – Locate your family on your smartphone or the web in real time.
• Geo-Fencing – Create safety zones for family members.
• Notifications – Be alerted when family members enter or leave the designated areas.
• Check-ins – Check in regularly to let others know where you are.
• Family Alerts – Send emergency alerts to all family members with your location.
• Phone Security – Find and ring any family phones if lost or stolen.
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Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.
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