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DSLR Bible

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DSLR Bible

The DSLR Bible is the essential app for anyone who owns or wants to own a DSLR Camera. Packed full of features that help you when it comes to choosing your next DSLR or Lens, as well as helping you to improve your photography.

DSLR Bible Features:

DSLR's, Lenses & Accessories

◦ 52+ DSLR Cameras from Nikon, Canon, Pentax & Sony
◦ 240+ Lenses from Nikon, Canon, Sony, Tamron, Sigma, Zeiss, Tokina & Samyang
◦ Tripods, Camera Bags, Drones, Filters & Flashes
◦ Professional Written Reviews for every model
◦ Video Reviews for every model
◦ Sample Images for every model
◦ Read User Reviews for every model or Write you own
◦ Question Forum for every model... not sure about something, ask a question
◦ Shopping links for New, Used & Grey Imports for every model
◦ Technical Data directly compared to similar cameras or lenses


◦ 18+ Photography Guides to you improve & learn new photography skills
◦ Featuring subjects such as Macro, Milky Way, Food & Firework Photography
◦ Professional Written Guides for every subject
◦ Video Guides for every subject
◦ Sample Images for every subject
◦ Question Forum for every subject... not sure about something, ask a question
◦ Suggested Cameras & Lenses for each subject


◦ All Camera & Lenses are ranked in order using our unique formula
◦ Filter the Camera Leaderboards to find best Sensor, ISO, Dynamic Range & more
◦ Filter the Lens Leaderboards to find Sharpest, Prime, Zoom, Macro & more


◦ Get all the latest DSLR news from a variety of different sources
◦ Share new stories directly to Facebook & Twitter or text them to a friend


◦ Add your favourite cameras & lenses that you're thinking of buying to your favourites list
◦ Directly compare any 2 Cameras or 2 Lenses to help choose the best one for you


◦ Depth of Field Calculator to help calculate desired depth of field
◦ Sharp Star Calculator to work out maximum exposure time before stars start to blur
◦ Light Planner showing Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset, Golden Hours & Blue Hours
◦ Photographers Ephemeris to work out the exact positions of the Sun & Moon at any time
◦ DSLR Photo GPS Tagger to geotag your photos without an expensive GPS Dongle
◦ Model Release Form Generator to make forms in the field to get a persons permission

iCloud Drive

◦ GPX files from the GPS Tagger are synced to iCloud Drive so they appear on your Mac automatically or for Windows Users so they can be immediately opened using software such as Adobe Lightroom

◦ PDF files from the Model Release Form Generator are synced to iCloud Drive so they appear on your Mac automatically or for Windows Users

Notification Widget

◦ Pull Down the Notification Centre to see the Light Planner in any App

Apple Watch

◦ Golden Hour Glances
◦ Light Planner on your wrist, Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset, Moon Phase & more
◦ Start Logging your GPS position to geotag your photos from your wrist

***Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.***

***A Data Connection Is Required For This App To Work Correctly***

***Some Content Requires An Active Subscription***

***All Technical Data is supplied courtesy of DxOMark and you can get more in depth technical data from their website***
Neil Faulkner