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Drun2Run. Comfortable running

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Drun2Run. Comfortable running

Regular cardio workouts can now be dedicated to good thoughts. And the balance of the heart rate can be trusted to the application. It tracks your heart rate and calculates the optimal rhythm to run in sync with it. It's like a dance, it's the same rhythmic movements to the music, where the music in the headphones is designed specifically for your cardio. And besides, the application notifies by voice about all the nuances. It’s very simple. The heart rate is higher - the rhythm is slower, the heart rate is lower - the rhythm is faster. The application prevents the transition to anaerobic mode (this is when there is not enough oxygen). This means that the state of health during and after training will be positive, even if you do not train often enough. The application adapts to descents and long ascents, calculates the efficiency of the heart muscle and takes this into account right in the process.

The app integrates with the Health app.

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Ilya Bukharov