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Drum2Run. Running tempo coach

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Drum2Run. Running tempo coach

Drum2Run is a running app that offers a brand new interaction experience. It monitors your performance and generates unique music on-the-fly to fine-tune your workout intensity. It is designed to make your workouts nice and pleasant.

What causes a bad experience?
Running gets hard once your exercises become too intense: you are out of breath and the heart is beating too fast. In other words, you enter the anaerobic zone, which brings negative experience and delays progress.

How to avoid it?
To forget about unpleasant feelings, keep the workout intensity under control — stay in the aerobic zone. Drum2Run helps you achieve that. The app reads your heart rate and cadence to fine-tune your workout intensity and make sure the exercises do not become too intense.

How do I interact with the app?
You don’t need to look at displays during the workout. As Drum2Run changes the music tempo to adjust the workout intensity, you just have to listen to the music.

If you are running too fast, the app decreases the tempo to prevent discomfort. If you are too slow, but the body is ready for a challenge, the app speeds up the beat.

Synchronize your cadence (steps per minute) with the beat (beats per minute). It's similar to dancing in some way — it's all about keeping the beat.

Healthy approach to running:
Long runs with low heart rate are the healthiest way to keep your cardiovascular system in a good shape. They allow you to avoid discomfort and burn fat efficiently. Eventually you level up your running skills, gaining abilities to run faster and longer.

Running modes:
• Want to run longer? Set the pulse below your anaerobic threshold, so you can run with ease for a longer time.
• Need the balance? Drum2Run helps to identify the optimal tempo for the compromise between pace and distance.
• Want to challenge yourself? Set a higher target, so a longer run becomes a real challenge.

Drum2Run features:
• Heart rate monitoring via Apple Health
• Overall performance monitoring: the app knows whether you are running uphill or downhill, had enough sleep tonight, etc.
• Unique music generation: compositions set the tempo for each runner
• Workout intensity tuning according to your goals
• Displaying results at the end of a workout

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Ilya Bukharov