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The app calculates your optimal cardio load based on real-time data right at the moment. Set your personal training program and just listen to your coach and run with the beats.

The app monitors your heart rate and calculates the optimal cardio load based on your current fitness. Whether you ran yesterday the last time, or even if you ran more than half a year ago. The app supports all fitness levels. You will be kept in your individual anaerobic threshold. This means that you are getting enough breathing. So after training, you are cheerful and full of energy!

Training programs:
Preferred heart rate.
This type of training is made for the easiest habit of getting used to running regularly. Select the number of runs for the last two weeks and set the duration. And just run. Yes, as simple as it is. A voice trainer guides you and music helps to keep your best stride frequency.

Constant cadence.
This is for pumping results. The music will prompt you for the correct cadence. Now it's not a problem with an endless soundtrack. You can set the tempo from 140 to 200 beats per minute. You can choose 5 genres of music and set a timer. No Apple Watch is required.

Drum2Run is a running app that offers a brand new interaction experience.

You don’t need to look at displays during the workout. As Drum2Run changes the music tempo to adjust the workout intensity, you just have to listen to the music. And voice comments describe all the physical processes in your body.

If you are running too fast, the app decreases the tempo to prevent discomfort. If you are too slow, but the body is ready for a challenge, the app speeds up the beat.

Synchronize your cadence (steps per minute) with the beat (beats per minute). It's similar to dancing in some way — it's all about keeping the beat.

Drum2Run features:
• Heart rate monitoring via Apple Health
• Overall performance monitoring: the app knows whether you are running uphill or downhill, had enough sleep tonight, etc.
• Unique music generation: compositions set the tempo for each runner. There are 4 music genres you can switch between them when you want.
• Workout intensity tuning according to your goals
• Displaying results at the end of a workout

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Ilya Bukharov