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Never forget to take your medications and pills again with the MUST HAVE pill reminder. With DrugStars you won't put yourself or your loved ones at risk by missing a dose, and every time you take your medicines or pills you’re rewarded with “DrugStars” that you can with just a few taps convert into charitable donations to any of the hundreds of organisations and charities already inside the app.

Scientifically validated.

DrugStars is a scientifically validated medical companion empowering patients with any disease, in any country on any medication. Helping patients to get more out of their medications.

A recent study showed that patients using DrugStars for just 60 days feel better, about themselves, their medication and amazingly their general wellbeing improved. Here are a few facts from the survey:

• 35% of those asked reported feeling that the effect of their medications had actually improved.
• 79% of those asked felt they were better at remembering to take their medication.
• A staggering 69% of participants felt an increase in their motivation with regards to taking their medications.
• 49% felt their understanding of their medication improved due to using DrugStars.
• A staggering 46% of the thousands of users asked experienced an improved quality of life.

Helping patients manage their medications.

Whether you’re taking one drug dosage or more, you know how difficult it is remembering each pill on time. If you’re a caretaker for a child, parent, or patient suffering from chronic pain or illness, you know how stressful it is not knowing for sure if you they took their medications correctly, with DrugStars you can see what was taken and when.

DrugStars is a lot more than just a pill reminder it’s a medication manager. You see you get to review your medications as you go, and this information helps not only you, but other patients like you all over the world. The information generated is used for medical research to help making better medicines for us all, we call it patient powered pharmaceuticals, after all it’s the patients that are the real experts and it’s their voice that needs to be heard.

Why should you use DrugStars?

• Over 50% of all medications are not taken as prescribed, you no longer need to be one of them.
• You get rewarded for taking your medicines and pills as prescribed.
• You get alerts with which medication you should take at the right time.
• You get advice based on your medicine reviews.
• You get to make donations that we convert to cash and deliver on your behalf.
• You can help others and earn more DrugStars by taking surveys in the app.
• You have a medication calendar to see what medicines or pills you’ve taken or skipped and when it was.
• You get rewarded for returning waste medicines and pills back to the pharmacy.
• You help the world reaching the UN’s sustainable development goals.

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