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Drive Target

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Drive Target

Sick of driving around at night or on weekends close to the end of the FBT year trying to make up kilometres/mileage to meet your nominated target for your vehicle's novated lease?

Drive Target is a simple app to track your odometer readings throughout the year against a set target for that time period.

Simple entry of odometer readings, and no set frequency for entry of these readings. Just enter a current reading when convenient (usually when filling up on fuel), and the app will show current progress visually on the app's main dashboard. The app will give you at a glance how you are tracking against your nominated target, and give you simple visual indicators about how you are doing since your last odometer reading entered.

The app also gives you daily/weekly rates based on your entered readings so far to help you meet daily/weekly distance goals to help you achieve your target.

Most useful feature is the app calculating what odometer reading you should be at for the current day to meet your nominated target, based on your last odometer reading entered. There is also a Today Extension to show the odometer reading expected today which can be easily accessed from a quick swipe down to reveal the Drive Target extension in Notification Centre.

This app is a result of me 'scratching my own itch' after tracking this information in a spreadsheet for years, and thought an app that could quickly give me simple glance-able information visually would help me make decisions throughout the year to help meet the nominated target for my car's novated lease.

Drive Target is pretty much like a fitness tracker for your vehicle's novated lease, giving you simple data to help you hit your nominated targets each year, and hope that you will find it useful.
Sam Wang