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Drip Fitness by Dustin Martin

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Drip Fitness by Dustin Martin

The harder you work, the more you sweat, and winning is more than just hard work.
Imagine being able to harness the traits that make Dustin Martin great. All the power, strength, calm and confidence, expertly distilled into a single drip.
Drip is not just a fitness app. Drip is your mental and wellbeing coach, empowering you to look and feel better about yourself.
“The mental side is just as important as the physical. Drip is your motivator. It knows how to get the best out of you”. Dustin Martin.

To access all Drip Fitness content and training material, a monthly subscription is required.

Every paid subscription comes with a free trial so you can immediately access the below and more:
• Expert Training
• Workout at home or your gym with Dustin and his hand-picked team of coaches and athletes:
• Montana-Farrah Seaton (HIIT),
• Emma Murray (High-Performance Mindfulness),
• Bronii Gigliuto (Elite Mind & Energy Coaching),
• Will & Matt Hanson (Sports Science- Strength + Fat Loss),
• Shai Bolton (Richmond FC),
• Andrew Nabbout (Socceroo),
• Tom Hislop (Essendon FC),
• Louise West (Yoga),
• Natalie Idrizovic (Pilates),
• Phoebe Cole (Pre and Post-Natal Pilates),
• Christian Ennor (Boxing),
• Matt Avdoulos (Boxing),
• Dzhabar Askerov (Kickboxing).

The style of training you love
• HIIT, Cardio, Strength, Fat-loss, Boxing & much more.

Programs designed just for you
Drip is truly a personal trainer on your mobile device. Elite Sports Scientists and World-Class Personal Trainers have developed AI-based formulas to offer customised training programs for our Drip users, no matter their fitness level and expertise.

Pre-built sessions and programs
Pick any of our pre-built programs and single workouts. Our coaches have put together a curated list of their favourite workouts. You’ll find a variety of specialised, targeted or time-based sessions.

• Workout anytime, anywhere - customise to your experience level, from equipment available to no equipment.
• Exercise descriptions, video tutorials and coaching audio cues.
• Exercise substitutions.
• Track your progress.
• Share your workout with your friends and the Drip Community.
• Learn in our library section covering fitness, recovery, nutrition & wellbeing, and exclusive Dustin content.
• Log your workouts with HealthKit & Apple Watch
• 24/7 access to our coach’s customer support and Drip Community.

Dustin is mentally tough, his thinking is clear under pressure. Learn to control your attention, stay in the moment, make the right decisions, and execute.

Access a gallery of mindfulness exercises that help Dustin perform at his peak:
• Build Energy
• Best Life Affirmations
• Sleep
• Reduce Stress & anxiety
• Strong Body - Good Health
• Focus, Attention and Clarity
• Mindfit

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