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DrinkSum - Water Tracking was carefully designed for no nonsense on-the-go individuals who understand the importance of a healthy balanced lifestyle. 

With DrinkSum, you are able to have a drink of water and record it before you have even had time to put the bottle down.

We know your time is important to you, so you will never find unnecessary "features" cluttering the app and your life. We aim to make DrinkSum great and will continuously improve it, but our commitment to you is we will never add features that will clutter or waste your time.

All vital information on a single summary screen
US oz, L and ML units
Seven rolling 7 day consumption chart
Fully integrated and exclusive to Apple Health
Customizable Reminders
Companion Apple Watch App with easy to read complications
Simple Goal Setting
Super fast logging - 1 tap
Customizable Quick Picks Menu
Custom drink sizes logging
Backdated logging - Yes we do forget sometimes.
10 Major localisations
Dark Mode
Help us improve. Give feedback via the in app feedback.

Added Bonuses:
No advice screens - do it your way
No badges or achievements - we just here to track your water intake
No photos of your bottles - there is simply more important things to do in life than customize your water app.
No subscriptions - Ever!
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