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Drink Water Reminder Daily

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Drink Water Reminder Daily

Drinking water is vital to our life, drinking enough and the right quantity of water improves our health. Tracking daily drink consumption is necessary for being fit. If you are too busy and you don’t remember to drink enough daily water in time or if you are interested in sport activity, your body needs an accurate drink intake.

Water is not only drink we consume. From alcohol consumption to sport drink, there are a lot of options. Stay hydrated and hold drink consumption under control is really important and our app remind you to drink water to reach your daily intake goal and consider your hydration level. You can also integrate to Apple Health via our app

You can track your water intake to drink water properly
You can follow your daily, weekly or monthly alcohol consuption and see alcohol effects over water. Drink control becomes easier for you.
With a drink alcohol meter and waterminder, you can easily control drink habit and it also helps you to stop drinking and quit drinking alcohol.
For sportive workout, optimize our algorithm for your daily intake and calculate accurate water intake level after workout to hold your body healthier.

In addition, for weight loss and effective fitness, accurate and enough water intake is important to stay hydrated.

Weather sensitive log system optimizes your needs depending on temperature.

Stay hydrated and avoid dehydrated really important for our heath. Drink Water Reminder and Tracker app helps and assists you.

Set wake up time and bed time
Enter your weight and height
Select your sport activity level
App calculate your daily water intake and analyse your daily weekly monthly drink behavior.
Do not forget to turn on drink notifications ! We remind you the right time to drink!

Our app offers you:

Simple and easy usage for any age
Drinking water reminder
Daily water intake tracker
Daily drink water consumption report
Weekly drink water consumption report
Monthly drink water consumption report
100+ different drink tracker
100+ different drink analysis
Personalized water intake calculation based on sex, weight, height, sport activity level and weather condition.
Drink reminder notifications to stay hydrated, fit and healthy
Automatic reminder optimization. When you are sleeping, smart reminder don’t send notif
For drink and water analysis, graphic reports and consumption chart statistics
Track daily, weekly and monthly drink nutrition values and effects on water intake
Track history of logged water and adjust past water consumption.
Daily, Weekly and Monthly detailed analysis based on your drink intake
Modify alert time, intake level, notification sound
oz and ml support
Personalized drink notifications

Benefits of drinking water and track other drink we consume

-Lower stress
Water is essential for our body and drinking enough water daily helps us to decrease our stress level

-Productivity and Mood Pump
You will feel the change! Regular water intake makes the difference to feel happier in day.

-Weight loss and build muscle

-Be Healthier and Younger
To stay young, water is the secret sauce!

Drink Lists: Water , Soup , Smoothie , Mineral Water , Milk , Orange Juice , Yoghurt , Tea , Coffee , Apple Juice , Wine , Beer , Whiskey , Vodka , Energy Drink , Protein Drink , Alkaline Water , Artesian Water , Cucumber Water , Antioxidant water , Coconut Water , Lemon water , Americano , Chicory , Espresso , Cappuccino , Decaf Coffee , Flat White , Hot Chocolate , Latte , Bubble Tea , Iced Coffee , Almond Milk , Cranberry Juice , Cashew Milk , Chocolate Milk , Lactose-free Milk , Milkshake , Kefir , Low-fat Milk , Oat Milk , Soy Milk , Brandy , Gin , Sport Drink , Lemonade , Rum , Sangria , Tequila , Coke , cold brew coffee and more..

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