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Dressed is your virtual closet. Keep track of your entire wardrobe. Plan new outfits with ease.

*** NOW AVAILABLE for your Apple Watch - Browse the outfits you've planned for the week and view details about your clothing, shoes, and accessories...right from your wrist!

*** FEATURED BY APPLE in the App Store!

Remember the movie Clueless and how we all coveted the computer program Cher uses to plan her outfit by mixing and matching her clothing? Well Dressed is the Clueless closet realized...only better. It's the app Cher *wishes* she had.

Dressed makes it easy to keep an entire inventory of your clothing, shoes, and accessories. Outfits can be quickly created by simply mixing and matching your garments on your personalized mannequin model. Your perfect look is just a swipe away.

Amazing animation—garments move just like real clothing, swaying back and forth on the rack.

• Import images of your garments from the web, photo library, camera, or from our set of built-in templates.
• The powerful background removal tool makes it easy to separate the image of your clothing from its background.
• Manage all the details for each item, including image, favorites, brand, price, size, store, URL, color, seasons, functions, purchased date, custom tags, and notes.
• Browse garments with a variety of sort orders. Ever wanted to see what your dresses look like sorted by color? Now you can!
• Find garments quickly by filtering on the details you’re interested in.

• Create new outfits by mixing and matching any of the clothing, shoes, and accessories in your wardrobe. Simply swipe garments off the racks and onto your mannequin.
• The Dressed mannequin will model your outfits, letting you see what they really look like when worn.
• Manage details about each outfit, including favorites, dates worn, seasons, functions, custom tags, and notes.
• Keep track of when you wear your outfits, and even plan outfits for future dates.
• Browse outfits with a variety of sort orders.
• Find outfits quickly by filtering on the details you’re interested in.
• Dressed has a Today widget! Pull down the notification center to quickly access your outfits planned for today and tomorrow.

• Use the Apple Watch app to browse your latest outfits and clothing details.
• Customize your mannequin’s skin tone, hair color, and hair length to give her a unique look.
• Share your garments and outfits via email, text message, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
• Share your garments and outfits via AirDrop directly to other people using Dressed.

Your wardrobe. Your Outfits. In the palm of your hand.
Dressed — Style achieved.
Kabuki Vision, LLC