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Improve your dream recall and build a diary of dreams with Dreemer, the best dream journal app for keeping track of your dreams!

Every person dreams every night, even the people who claim they don't dream or can never remember their dreams. Dreemer can help you improve dream recall, so you don't forget what you dreamed about. In fact, there are quite a few benefits to being able to do so. It can enhance your personal creativity, allow you to see and experience normally impossible things, and even provide a fun source of entertainment. After all, dreams are like a movie that you don't even need to pay to see where anything can happen - if you improve your dream recall with Dreemer, you can experience this every night!

Besides just keeping track of your dreams, Dreemer has a large list of features to enhance your dream tracking experience, such as:
• Daily configurable reality check reminders
• A beautiful user interface with vibrant colors and full dark mode support
• Information on lucid dreaming, and full support for tracking which dreams are lucid
• The ability to mark that a dream was a nightmare or a lucid dream
• Absolutely no analytics or tracking - everything you enter into Dreemer is private and safely stored
• Passcode or biometric authentication to prevent prying eyes from reading your dream journal without permission
• Fun statistics about your dreams

Download Dreemer and take your dream logging to the next level today!
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