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DreamScreen BLE

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DreamScreen BLE

DreamScreen is a television enhancement product that uses responsive LED backlighting that reacts to any HDMI video source. DreamScreen stretches the size of your screen, softens the picture and is easier on your eyes. It is the first of its kind worldwide to use any HDMI Video Content. DreamScreen TV App operates like a remote and offers a full range of control. Easily toggle through the different modes, adjust brightness and color settings.

Three Ways to Enjoy a DreamScreen! Video. Music. Ambient Lighting

Video โ€“ The LED lights behind your television react to the color pixels on your screen at 60 frames a second! DreamScreen creates an even better way to enjoy your favorite movies, tv shows and video games. No matter what the HDMI source, (Cable TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, AmazonFire, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, and so many more) DreamScreen casts your movie or game to create an incredible new home theater experience.

Music โ€“ DreamScreen comes with a LED light audio visualizer that reacts to the music you are listening to. Watch the LED lights dance to your beats and create a party scene in any home or venue. Music mode will react to all of your favorite listening channels like Pandora, iTunes Media, Amazon, and more.

Ambient Lighting โ€“ Choose from an array of colored lighting to create a special ambiance at your home or event. The app offers a full range of colors and brightness.
Rakesh Reddy