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dreaMote Pro

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dreaMote Pro

A remote control application for Enigma2, Enigma, Neutrino, VDR and TitanNit based set-top-boxes.

• Show Bouquets/Favorites, zap and show EPG
• Show currently running program
• Create, delete and modify timers
• Show and delete recorded movies and start playback on the receiver
• Create and restore Backups (Enigma2)
• Emulated remote control
• Show screenshots (Enigma/Enigma2/NeutrinoHD)
• Signal Finder
• Package Management (only Enigma2)
• Volume and power control
• Send messages
• MediaPlayer frontend (only Enigma2 and regular MediaPlayer)
• Show information on hard-/software of receiver (Enigma2)
• Search EPG (native on Enigma2, TitanNit, NeutrinoHD, emulated on remaining receivers)
• Multi-EPG
• Manage AutoTimers (Enigma2)
• Control EPGRefresh-Plugin (Enigma2)

The backends are developed with focus on the most recent software, but compatibility is kept to old versions where possible.

▶ Bouquets (Enigma, Enigma2, Neutrino, TitanNit)
dreaMote retrieves and displays the user-bouquets as configured on the receiver. That means if there are no bouquets, you will be unable to see any services.

▶ Screenshots
You can save the current screenshot by holding your finger on it for one seconds. You can find saved screenshots in the picture reel.

▶ Streaming (Enigma, Enigma2, Neutrino)
dreaMote does not contain a video player at the moment. To start playback of a video stream you have to have a supported Streaming-App installed. As of now these are OPlayer (HD) (including the free Lite version), BUZZ Player, yxplayer, GoodPlayer, AcePlayer and VLC.

▶ Multi-EPG
For performance reasons the Multi-EPG uses a local cache to be able to retrieve EPG data in a timely fashion. The cache is automatically refreshed for a service when opening its EPG. Alternatively you can use "Pull to refresh" to refresh a complete bouquet. Please consult the Help available in the App for further instructions.

▶ AutoTimer
Requires the AutoTimer-Plugin from the current "experimental"-Tree of Enigma2 because certain bugs were found during this development cycle of dreaMote and were not removed before the last stable release of Enigma2.

▶ EPGRefresh
Requires the EPGRefresh-Plugin from the current "experimental"-Tree of Enigma2. Functionality is not given with versions older than 2011/05/21.

▶ VPS (Enigma2)
To enable/disable VPS a recent version of the VPS-Plugin has to be installed. The functionality is not present or broken for versions older than 2012/01/25 (experimental).

Please be aware of that fact that we cannot add features that the hardware does not support. This includes starting your receiver remotely if it was turned off and emulating remote control buttons that the original remote control does not have. Sorry!

*** If you have any problems please contact the support either via the email button in about or using the sheet found on the support page as we are unable to reply to reviews. ***

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