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Dreambook | Dream Interpreter

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Dreambook | Dream Interpreter

Dreambook will help you make sense of your dreams and find out what your dreams mean and help you achieve a better understanding of them. Your dream might have a personal relationship with your real life in the future, so we are dedicated to helping you find that connection between your dreams and real life.

Dreams are unique and they vary from person to person depending on their feelings, emotion, and personal experiences. Thus, your own dreams can only be connected to your own reality. Interpretation of your dream helps you explore yourself; it provides you with details of your own self. Once you understand your inner self and personal relation then you can take a stand in your life.

So, DOWNLOAD Dreambook Interpretation now and save, track, analyze and interpret your dreams without thinking of any limitations.


- Dream Journal Storage: You can store dreams on your own Dream Journal which will be shared across all your devices.
- Add hashtags: To manage your dreams you can add different hashtags in order to manage their category so that you can find them easily if it re-occurs.
- Dairy Note: Use a simple diary and put down all your thoughts about your sleep cycle and dreams
- Editable: You can make changes in your dreams in a very simple and intuitive way
- Set Reminder: Let us remind you to take note of your dream by setting a reminder.
- Save Dreams: See your saved dreams on calendar view or list view
- News Feed: Read blog posts about dream interpretation, dream journals, lucid dreams, and the science of dreams
- Set a Privacy: You can set a password from the settings screen and protect your dreams from people who can reach your phone, and keep your dreams even safer!


If you subscribe to our App. You can avail the following features too.

Instant interpretation:
When you see any dream, type it in the app and save it. We will analyze your dream and show you interpretations of your dream without wasting your time.

Dream dictionary & meanings:
If you do not want to type every dream of yourself then you can search them easily in our huge dream interpretation database, and see your dream meanings. Your dream journal becomes also your dream catcher.

Dream analysis & dashboard:
By using our dashboard functionality, you can use Dreambook as a nightmare tracker. You will see connections between your dreams.

Hashtags as moods:
You will be able to follow which hashtags you use most in your dreams and you will be able to group them by hashtags or connected words.

You will easily filter your dreams weekly, monthly, yearly

See your most interpreted words, and also others.

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