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4.7 stars
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Our diary app “Drawer Journal” is your best to make your own personal notes of daily events, secret thoughts, journey, and feelings. It’s a great place to track your thoughts, dreams, hopes, and ideas .You can also write journals, add your photo memories and recorded audio.


Easy to use - This journal style is unique amongst diary apps. You can write a diary as if you were tweeting on social media. Have a picture to go along with your day. Keep a log to record history. Track and write about your daily activities. You can also add your photo memories and an audio diary. This is so convenient to access and write down, so It is also a note keeper, you can keep your notes in this diary app.

Beautiful UI - Modern design. The design is so cute. All the features are simple and handy. You can focus on writing a diary. Very solid, easy to navigate. Its beautiful look makes it simply awesome.

Themes and fonts - Have your diary in your favorite color and apply your favorite background image. You can customize your diary with the collection of themes available including the special dark mode. We provide various font formats (including cute curve fonts) and free night mode, so you can completely relax and write your diary at night time. You can also change text-size. Recommended for your grandparents as well.

Password protection - You can write all your private notes and secure them with a pin code or with Face/Touch ID. Protect all personal journals by adding a pin code when it starts up. You don't have to worry about anyone reading your secrets. It also helps people who can’t express their true feelings irl. This daily journal app may help you stay in good mental health.

Backup to Google Drive - Never worry about losing memories again. Easily send a backup of diary entries directly to google drive.

Powerful tags function - The ability to create custom tags and add pictures is powerful. The entries in the journal are organized by tags and dates.

View entries in timeline, calendar - Finding the app good for reflection on how your days are.

Other options - Search entries, Voice diary, Work perfectly in Offline

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