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Dr Guess

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Dr Guess

--- Made for iPhone and the Apple Watch! ---

MAJOR SALE from April 21st to April 25th! Get Dr Guess for only $0.99 and enjoy a great guessing game on your Apple Watch and iPhone!

Waiting in line? Or do you just want to play a guessing game!

Dr Guess is a fun way to spend time on both your iPhone and Apple Watch by guessing numbers. Here is a list of features:

Dr Guess on your iPhone:

1) Dr Guess suggests a number, and you have to try to place the bull's eye as close as possible to that number!

2) You get scored according to how accurate you are at guessing. Try to win the full 200 points!

Dr Guess on your Apple Watch:

1) On Apple Watch, Dr Guess is slightly different. Dr Guess is optimized for the size of the Apple Watch's display, so instead of you hitting the bull's eye, the machine thinks of a number, and you have to try to guess it!

2) Hit + or – to select a number from 0-3, and then hit guess! Did you win?

Dr Guess is a very simple and fun game for both iPhone and Apple Watch. Enjoy playing!
Suneetha Tirumalai