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Down Time 1

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Down Time 1

You want to know how much time you lost in your company or work, or your machine is down and you want to know how much time has passed since that machine was stopped until it came back to work. Use Down Time App is very simple and easy to use, just put the time you stopped, than put the time that you started again and calculate, you can also do reduced rate.

Now covert units.

Very simple to use with 8 categories and many different units:

• Temperature
• Pressure
• Mass
• Length
• Volume
• Speed
• Area
• Time

New End Time for Lbs x Min.
You want to know at what time you will be done if you run, collect, produce etc. sur amount of pounds?
End time Lbs x Min can help you on that and is beri simple and easy to use.

In app purchases it is necessary for some of this new features.

No internet connection is needed to use this app.

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