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Welcome to D3 - Dot Lock Notes 3 Security 7.0.1!

- Exciting new addition!
- Elegant Design.
- It's all about Beauty and Design! As Always!

D3 - Dot Lock Notes 3 Security provides a secure way to keep your secret notes, important passwords, eg. bank details, etc. SECURE! WITH this app your notes will be secured with a DOT LOCK PATTERN which will provide access to only you (who know the secret code that you have set). No one else will get access to your notes.

Now be assured that with this app you can really find an extremely secure way to keep your bank details, passwords, law related details completely safe and secured.

Optimised for iOS 11.1 or earlier, for iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, iPad, iPad Pro (2nd Gen.) or earlier.

This includes:
Dot-Lock pattern

The way to use the app, is to:-

1. Set the Dot-Lock passcode and remember it on your iPhone, by tapping Done.
2. Enter the important details in the notes in the notes section and tap on Save & Continue.
3. Tap the same Dot-Lock passcode next time you open the app.
4. The app will reveal your important details only when the passcode matches.
Suneet Amrute