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This is the accompanying mobile application for use with Dosime radiation detection device.

The Dosime radiation device detects and reports real-time radiation exposure in its environment. The device was designed to address the challenges of healthy living amidst radiation - namely, that radiation can't be detected by the senses. We can't see, touch, smell, taste or feel it. This accompanying mobile app provides an immediate assessment of the radiation present in the homes, buildings and spaces we live, work and play that can potentially impact our health without our knowledge. The Dosime device empowers people and communities to protect themselves and each other.

The Dosime device seamlessly connects to your mobile devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Dosime device mobile app is intuitive and makes data about your health and environment easy to access and understand. The Dosime device also synthesizes the data collected by your device – and those of your neighbors -- to provide "crowdsourced" safety insights across your environments and communities.

For the first time, scientific-grade dosimetry technology is available for your smart and healthy lifestyle and home.
We are a world-class team of talented professionals, passionate about protecting people, property and the environment from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. For 60+ years, we have delivered radiation protection solutions for the world's most demanding users, and with the Dosime device, we're extending our mission to serve the general public as well.
Dosime, Inc