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The DORA App provides a complete Door-To-Door-Information Service for landside transport options, the flight connection and the terminal situation at the airport. The app is a prototype for the relation Berlin (Germany) – Palma de Mallorca (Spain) in the project´s demonstration phase.

The essential component of the app is a multimodal routing service which is based on real time data for road, rail and flight traffic with additional functionalities for indoor-routing and waiting time detection at the airport. In case of gate changes, delays, road closures or other incidents, the passenger will be proactively informed by the included trip monitoring functionality.

Provided functionalities

Berlin (Germany):
Landside Transportation
- Public Transport for Berlin/Brandenburg including HandyTicket Deutschland ticket purchases (VBB)
- Own vehicle
- Carsharing (DriveNow and car2go)
Terminal Processes
- Indoor Routing (TXL and SXF)
- Will follow: Indoor Location and Navigation (TXL, Terminal C)
- Will follow: Waiting Time Detection (TXL, Terminal C)

Flight Connection between Berlin (SXF & TXL) and Palma de Mallorca (PMI)

Palma de Mallorca (Spain):
Landside Transportation
- Public Transportation for entire Mallorca Island (EMT)
- Own Car
- Bikesharing (BiciPalma)
Terminal Processes
- Indoor Routing (PMI)
- Will follow: Indoor Navigation (PMI, Main Terminal and Module C)
- Will follow: Waiting Time Detection (PMI)

The research project DORA is co-funded under the EU research program Horizon 2020. The project refers to the call MG 1.3-2014 Seamless Air Mobility. DORA has started at the 1st June 2015 and is running three years. The VMZ Berlin is the technical project leader and the developer of the app. In addition to the airport companies FBB and AENA, the cities of Berlin and Palma de Mallorca, the local partners responsible for traffic information and control, public transport companies as well as technology companies and universities participate in the project.
VMZ Berlin Betreibergesellschaft mbH