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Dooinwell Link

*** This is our app for relatives of the elderly parent. It pairs with the Dooinwell app for use by the elderly parent ***

Dooinwell helps families ensure an elderly parent is not having an unnoticed event in-between calls or visits. Dooinwell relies on the active participation of the parent and alert family members if it suspects a safety issue.


- Your parent has a new routine: checking-in. A few times a day, during specific time slots, your parent submits an in-app check-in.
- Your parent registers their planned activities before leaving home and set an expected duration. When back, they confirm being safely back home.
- OPTIONAL KIOSK-MODE: for parents not in the habit of checking their phone, you can use a dedicated iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad on a stand. This triggers special features that helps your parent successfully comply.


- Information submitted by your parent are not disclosed to you unless we suspect a safety issue. The app won't change your relationship and you’ll continue to learn what your parent has been up to through your calls and visits.
- Relatives only get to see check-in confirmations if no safety issues have been suspected.
- Only a suspicious situation momentarily unlocks access to private information that helps you assess whether there are reasons to worry: device geolocation, declared out-of-home activity, expected activity duration, etc


- Always in the know: through the app or right on the watch face of your Apple Watch, you’re always in capacity to confirm we’ve got a fresh update from your parent. It will help you worry less in-between your calls and visits.
- Smart alerts: you get an alert if something raises doubt on your parent safety. Dooiwell alerts are delivered to your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, and - when critical - they show and ring even on a device that is in Silent or Do Not Disturb mode.
- Well informed, only when you need to: in addition to sending an alert, a suspicious situation momentarily unlocks access to information that helps you assess whether there are reasons to worry. Access the latest known status and location of your parent's devices (only until the situation gets resolved), and discover what your parent was planning to do if he registered an outing.

Dooinwell is a subscription-based service.

The Dooinwell service is not an emergency alert system. The safety of your parent also requires their capacity to contact emergency services at all times.

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