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Don’t miss your stop

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Don’t miss your stop

"Don’t miss your stop" is an app that will notify the closer to the point at which you have registered. Everyone, I think you be carried beyond one's destination is drowsy and drank liquor? I There is also.
"Mr. Norisugo" is the app for you get down neatly at the station in such a your home.

[Overview of Apps

When you become drowsy and drinking too much, when I was asked to buy milk on the way home of the super, you can use in such day-to-day reminder. ※ notification comes 1-4 times. Since the trouble if you do not happen.
※ Since you are using a GPS, please understand that it does not normally work in underground and indoor. [Function]
- Notification of on-off is it easily done in one tap. (※ location that can be ON is a maximum of 5 points) if carried out prior to the registration of location, will switch the only notification to tap. - Since the notification will come up to four times, it is somewhat easy to notice.

- Because it is a large button, you can press even stagger.

- The button color, you can set the icon. Even unreadable characters can be determined by color.
- You can sort the list in the long press.

- Point registration can be easily register that it make a pin to press the map length.

- You can set or three stages to receive a notification if Enter through the range of how much from the registration point. (Narrow, medium, wide) Please adjust as neatly notification comes.

- The point at which you have registered you can put a title.

- When you tap the top right of the magnifying glass icon, you will be able to find the location on the map. - You can switch the on-off notification from AppleWatch.

- You can also of course notify the AppleWatch. If the wrist is easy to notice.
Shohei Fukui